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Bragi Software Suite

Focus on your core business and let us take care of the rest.

The Bragi Software Suite provides everything you need to make your wireless audio product truly smart and get it to market on time, cost and quality. The software Core Modules allow you to configure a unique product tailored to your target group. And with our complementary Mobile SDK and White Label App solution you can release your companion app in no time, staying connected to your end-users long after their purchase.

Strengthen your brand's bond with the end user by providing the best user experience through our Turnkey app solution.


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Bragi Turnkey App Solution

Send Push notifications to your customers with important updates and product releases.

Consumer Insights:

Get access to useful insights based on consumer behaviour on the app and make informed business decisions.

Get app health updates, making it super easy for your team to troubleshoot in case of performance lapse.

App Health Insights:

Configure and Control various features and User experience enhancements from one spot.

Allow end-users to add new features to their products via a dedicated store section in the Bragi turnkey app.

Deploy firmware updates for specific devices through the Turnkey App using our Release Deployment System.

The turnkey App can be fully skinned to reflect all Brands' visual identity.

The Core Modules

"The Bragi Core Modules cover all of today's user needs in a single, highly efficient software package."

Natural UI

Enable your users to access their music, calls or smart assistants effortlessly. Including Keyword Recognition, Voice Commands, Head Gesture UI, Wearing Detection and more.

Advanced Audio

Make your product sound great and automatically adjust the sound settings to your user's preferences and context. Including ANC, Audio Transparency, Configurable Signature EQ's and more.

Tailored Modules

You want to offer a special service integration or roll out professional hearable features to your audience? Talk to us and we will make it happen.

Let's bring your audio products to life together!
Smart System

Optimize the performance of your product without compromising the battery life and a HQ bluetooth connection. Including Firmware-Over-the-Air, Contextual Powersaving, Security Modules and more.

Embedded Apps & Services

The headphones of tomorrow have apps. We partner with top brands and integrate their service experience into our platform. Including Amazon Alexa, Push-to-Talk Services and more.

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Our modular software approach allows you to select from a wide range of smart features. Configure your product to match your target market and evolve your bluetooth headphones or speakers to become truly smart, service-rich interaction hubs.

Smart System Modules

Embedded Apps & Service Modules

Advanced Audio Modules

Natural UI Modules

Tailored Modules

Frictionless experiences powered by Bragi nanoAI

Connect with your audience, fast.

Streamline your cost and time-to-market with our mobile app solutions.

White Label Companion App

You don't have a mobile app to go with your product yet? Take advantage of our ready-made companion app solution for Android and iOS. Just let it be customized to fit your brand and you are ready to connect with your end-users.

Sample companion app bragi - White Label App solution by Bragi

Bragi Mobile SDK

You already have an existing app ecosystem or want to build your app from the ground up? We equip your development team with our comprehensive SDK and provide expert support so you can integrate with your new product seamlessly.

Bragi Mobile SDK for developing your own companion app

Tools to make you fly

Our goal is to make you successful. We have built a set of expert tools and infrastructure to simplify and streamline the product development from first idea to product launch and even beyond.

with our automated
quality assurance

We enable you to deploy high-quality products with our continuous automated testing pipeline and detailed test reporting.


Choose when to roll out software updates and to which target segments they will be available, using our software distribution infrastructure.

with our distribution infrastructure

Design interactions, event timings or acoustic feedback in minutes and directly test your UI configuration using our visual prototyping tool.

with our visual
UI Composer
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Leverage Bragi's Intellectual Property to grow your service and user base