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Bragi Introduces Project Ears

In 2015 Bragi created the first and only in-ear computer that enables,
protects and entertains you. As we move forward with our vision of enabling people, we now want to bring intelligence into hearing enhancement that customizes to your best hearing result.

Project Ears not only makes you hear better, but understands you. Your hearing is as unique as you are, so our product aims to adapt to your earprint. We want to bring you relief from tinnitus and noise when you need it, and enhance your hearing in environments where you face difficulties.

By bringing you along on the development journey, listening to your feedback and working with Mimi Hearing Technologies, experts on human hearing and sound personalization, we will collaborate on a product that for the first time combines both embedded tinnitus relief and personalized hearing enhancement.

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“At Bragi our vision is to enable you and help you achieve your full potential. Project Ears is about bringing relief and empowering hearing.”

Mimi drives innovation in the fields of digital hearing tests and fitting sound processing to people’s hearing.

Join us on Project Ears! Receive regular updates on our progress and contribute to our development.

Bragi is an award-winning Munich based technology company, leading innovation in hearable and body worn computing.

Nikolaj Hviid
Founder and CEO of Bragi

Dr. Henrik Matthies
MD of Mimi Hearing Technologies

“The Bragi Ears project is a prime example of how hearing enhancement can be integrated into a lifestyle product. We share Bragi’s vision to enable and protect your hearing and we are proud to contribute to this pioneering project.”

The Goals of Project Ears 

Personalized Hearing Enhancement

Intelligent hearing amplifiers that will perform a scientific hearing test to measure your unique Earprint and program itself to optimize your hearing.

Stylish and Comfortable

Innovative and chic design that also provides a PerfectFit® with long-lasting comfort – without the stigma of conventional hearing amplifiers.

Tinnitus Relief

Embedded masking sounds help you relax and forget the ringing in your ears by covering the tinnitus while you can still hear your surroundings.

Project Ears

Creating Intelligent
Hearing Enhancement
& Tinnitus Relief

Easy to Use

Automatically activates when you place the device in your ears and the voice guided interface delivers a simple user experience.

Just like your fingerprints, your Earprint is unique to you. Making use of our in-ear computing technology and deep understanding of human machine interaction, we aim to create the world’s first intelligent sound amplifier with an embedded scientific hearing test. Therefore, we can guarantee you always get the best sound, tailored to your hearing profile - or as we call it: Your Earprint.

Every Ear hears differently

Mimi Hearing Technologies tested over 1 million ears, pioneered cutting-edge audio processing technologies and have set the standard for sound personalization. Mimi knows exactly how human hearing works. In partnership with Mimi, the project collaborates on advanced algorithms that not only enhance, but automatically adjust sounds to your unique Earprint.

Sound Personalization Technology

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