The Dash Changed The Way I Run Marathons The Dash Changed The Way I Run Marathons

The Dash Changed The Way I Run Marathons

My story with Bragi began back in 2014 when I came across their Kickstarter campaign. I had never heard of them before, but I was intrigued by what they had to offer. The prospect of owning a pair of wireless smart earbuds sparked my interest. Then on, I continued to track their progress and from the comfort of my little studio, I contributed to what one day would become The Dash, the true wireless earbuds. 

I sat there staring at my computer screen- this is it- I thought to myself, the opportunity to run my marathons without the inconvenience of a smartphone bouncing in my pocket. As a student living day by day in Paris, I couldn’t justify to myself why I would invest in Bragi, a small startup with a big idea and no assured results. Against all odds I did.

Then came the release of The Dash-  the discrete, true wireless, smart earphones – I ordered my pair, they arrived, I placed them in my ears, and ever since The Dash has changed the way I run.

Owning The Dash is Much More than Owning Wireless Earphones

The Dash quickly became part of my running routine when I prepare for marathons. Bragi asked, tired of wired? And I said, yes absolutely! Hands free, phone free, and focused on accomplishing my goals, The Dash was with me all the way.

As a runner and an owner of The Dash, you don’t need to worry about your earbuds draining your smartphone battery, untangling earphone cables that limit your movement, or even fear being unaware of your environment while you sprint. The Dash offers many features but if you ask me, my favorites are the internal music player and Audio Transparency.

I’m originally from Boston and after I finished my studies abroad, I moved back home. Running around Boston means you are surrounded with beautiful scenery while being outdoors. Unfortunately, if you are like me, it can easily get you distracted. The Audio Transparency feature helps me enjoy my music while being fully aware of my environment. With my old earphones I felt completely isolated and sometimes at risk.

As a marathon runner, The Dash with its Internal Music Player meant I can leave my phone behind and run hands free. With its battery life of 4 hours, running became a whole new experience and this year I decided to run a marathon in each of the 50 US states with The Dash sitting comfortably in my ears.

In a perfect scenario, The Dash Pro I ordered with – a promised- longer battery, would arrive just in time for The Washington Marine Corps Marathon. The wait and excitement remain.

Bragi’s Story, The Day We Met Kelsey

It was a normal day at Bragi’s headquarters when an email popped up in our inbox. One of our US Kickstarters happened to be in Munich and was wondering if she could come by for a visit. We were just excited!

Over the next few days we prepared for her visit and once we realized she preordered The Dash Pro, we arranged a special surprise for Kelsey. We will never forget the enthusiasm she brought into our offices and how her eyes lit up when she opened her goodie bag and saw The Dash Pro she had been waiting patiently for was also waiting for her.

She fiddled with it and she shared with us her journey with The Dash. To our greatest delight, she told us about her plan to run the 50 states marathon challenge and how her brand new The Dash Pro will accompany her.
After spending a few good hours with Kelsey, we bid her farewell as she made her way back to the USA. We were happy to receive another email from her after completing her first marathon with The Dash Pro.

Kelsey, thank you for being part of our journey and for letting us be part of yours!

Your Team Bragi

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