Meet The Bragi Team: Josh Meet The Bragi Team: Josh

Meet The Bragi Team: Josh

Do you think it’s possible to always be happy and enthusiastic at work? Well, meet Josh.

Always happy and spreading positive energy


Josh is currently working at Consumer Relations at Bragi, and “loves his job”.

He comes from Ecuador, and says if you had told him two years ago that he would once work in Munich he would have laughed. Now, here he is!

This is the beginning of his journey with Bragi. After seeing someone wearing The Dash in a Metro station, he did some research on these “headphones with the impressive design”. Josh was really impressed by The Dash. Since Bragi was a start-up, he was sure that this would be challenging him. He was excited to contribute something to build up this amazing project. This was his biggest motivation to start working at Bragi. So, he immediately applied!


Since November, 2016 Josh has been supporting the Consumer Relations Team . “The whole company is super dynamic and the people are extremely nice and supportive. The work is very challenging. The constant improvements of the services and products  make us improve and grow with the company.”

Coming from so far away, Bragi is the kind of family environment that appeals to him. “It is a very international company, where you get to know many different cultures”.

Josh didn’t just become an important part of the Consumer Relations Team but also became our “feel-good-manager”.

Entering the office with a huge smile and with his general positive attitude, he always brings a warm feeling to everyone here.


Another fun fact about Josh makes everyone in the office grin. He often listens to music with his Dash during work. Sometimes, the music affects him to such an extent that he starts singing out loud for minutes without noticing. This causes many of his colleagues to grin and join in. For Josh, there is “nothing better than enjoying a good song, feeling it and singing it out loud”.

“I use my Dash all the time; I just love it!”


However, Josh is not only using The Dash at work. “I use my Dash all the time: I just love it. I consider myself to be an artist, so there is nothing better than playing Beethoven while painting, or even some powerful contemporary beat.”

He listens to music with The Dash during walking, his rugby training and at home. This allows him to listen, but not disturb his roommate while he’s studying.

When we asked Josh which feature he likes most about The Dash, we found out it is the Audio Transparency. For him, it’s a huge advantage. There is no need to remove them if someone wants to talk, he simply turns on this amazing feature.

We are more than happy to have someone that enthusiastic about The Dash working with us!

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