Making of a product campaign Making of a product campaign

Making of a product campaign

The most exciting and challenging aspect of the whole Headphone Campaign was the time frame.

The concept behind it was originally quite different but was changed shortly before the launch, due to a few different factors.

This meant for us that after the new Concept was set and the Storyboard, including moods and style was defined, we just had one week to set up the whole production

Together with our favorite partner, Alex Schiller from HeyYou Films, we quickly started recruiting an amazing team which in included an assistant producer from Porkchop Productions, a great director in, Lorenz Weissfuss and photographer, Gary Copeland. Through Alex’s old friend Rachel Zimmerman we were able to book all our female models, make-up artist, Nathan Hejl and stylist, Dolly Pratt.

So, in four days we set up the whole team, got filming permissions in place and jumped on a plane to LA.



The real work started when we got to LA. We still had to book the male models, define the rest of the locations, do fittings, get an old school car and find all the other asset, in just one day.


After six days, starting from scratch everything was in place and the shoot could start!

The whole team fitted perfectly together!


All the models were exactly what we were looking for, Gary shot great pictures, Lorenz just delivered one great frame after another and the whole team fitted perfectly together.


In the US nothing works without permissions. We had a police officer following us while shooting the road trip. He blocked the whole Highway One, building a huge traffic jam while being just friendly and super cool supporting our work.


On the second day, we came to the conclusion that all these permissions even with all the friendliness, didn’t really fit our punk rock style. We escaped quickly with two of the girls and did a few circles on bikes through a beautiful Jewish orthodox neighborhood,

before we kicked into crazy Venice Beach.


One of the biggest challenges was to find the perfect location


For all the great connections and huge support we promised Rachel to be the model for the last day – the pool shot, our favorite picture.

One of the biggest challenges up front was to find the perfect location, an old-school American Highway Motel. We finally found the perfect solution in Studio City.



Later, a lot of people asked us if that much sex appeal was not a bit over the top, but that was never our focus. For us the color arrangements, graphical elements and the whole “LA- hot-summer-mood” was what we wanted to convey and create.

At some point, I said “The Headphone is like ice cream, something that makes these free and endless summer days into one of the best times of our life.”




What I can say is that the production of The Headphone Campaign was one of the best things I have been part of. I hope it gives everyone who is using it as much joy as I see in it!




(Chief Creative Officer at Bragi)



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