Listen To Your Inspiration: Madi Serpico Listen To Your Inspiration: Madi Serpico

Listen To Your Inspiration: Madi Serpico

Madi Serpico aka MadiFastPants is a vegan Canadian triathlete born in 1994.

She started her career at a young age, 12 years old to be exact.

Madi was fast for her age and loved running. At the time she was not much of a swimmer and had an old run down mountain bike. Despite this dedication, hard work and passion led her to where she is today – racing with the best female athletes in the world.

“Every race is a new challenge”


Madi loves the thrill of getting to the start line. “Every race is a new challenge” she says.

“I’m lucky that I get to train with one of the best coaches in triathlon, Siri Lindley” she tells us. Training with some of the best Ironman athletes in the world takes her to a whole new level, too.

When we asked her about her daily training she told us that every day is a bit different but always at least two disciplines a day. Occasionally it is all three. Her goal is “to be very fit in all three disciplines at the same time – without any injuries”. For her this is the biggest challenge and a work that is constantly in progress.

Additionally, her vegan diet completely transformed her health and fitness in a positive way.

We also asked Madi about rituals so many other athletes have developed over time. She really likes to run in a new suit. “There is something about looking fast to be fast”.

In general, her biggest habit is to listen to music. Not only during training but also before each race. Her specific playlist including a lot of techno helps her to focus.

“I don’t think I could make it without my Dash!”


Though, it was hard to find a waterproof device for her long swimming sessions but came across Bragi. Madi already loved The Dash but when she received The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey, she described her experience as “unbelievable”.


She continues “the quality of music is super clear and the earphones don’t fall out”. Her headphones became very important for her daily routine as she spends a lot of time on the bike and is swimming and running for hours. “I don’t think I could make it without my Bragis” she tells us.

Bragi is very happy to be able to support Madi during training and before a race. We wish her all the best for her future career and will continue watching her getting stronger and faster.

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