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We all know how hard life can be sometimes. No matter where you look you see boundaries. In such a situation, a friendly gesture or just somebody believing in you is more valuable than anything.

We here at Bragi started our journey trying to free people from boundaries as well. It is not only removing wires from your headphone but a deep belief in helping human beings and enabling them to do better. This was the initial thought and is still inspiring us to do better every day and to offer our customers a product which improves their daily life and encourages them to reach out and break their boundaries.

A story which moved and inspired us all here at Bragi was the story of Ken Saveth!

Ken Saveth, founder and managing director of “Know No Boundaries”, decided to become such a “catalyst” as he calls it. His mission is to help people free themselves from their boundaries and to give them a little push to get their lives back on track- either emotionally or financially.

In order to do so, he founded the charity organization “Know No Boundaries”.  At “Know No Boundaries” they do “not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk” as Ken says. They do not only encourage others to break their boundaries but also challenge their own ones by participating in ultra endurance events. Ken as a dedicated husband and father is not an athlete, he is just a regular man trying to break his own boundaries by participating in ultra marathon runs. His aim is to set an example by showing that if he can do this, everybody can do so.

Recently “Know no Boundaries” raised 10k dollars in a 50km Ultra marathon supporting one of the local ultra runners Kelvin Reid who was diagnosed with ALS last year. No matter his restriction Kelvin fought his way back to the track and managed to break out of his boundaries and participate in the Ultra race.

It is not only about the financial support but by the amount of people believing and caring for his fortune


Inspired by this stroke of faith many donors were touched and “Know No Boundaries” was able to raise this incredible amount of money to support Kelvin with his medical expenses and made it possible for him to start his second stem cell treatment.

It is not only about the financial support but by the amount of people believing and caring for his fortune, Kelvin was enabled to break out of his boundaries and successfully participate in an ultra race not many people would be able to keep up.

“Bragi is taking it to the next level.”


Despite all the organizational efforts combined with this event, Ken managed to participate the run, too. To make his run more enjoyable we sent Ken The Dash so he could try it out.

We were looking forward to his feedback. The happier we are that he enjoyed running with The Dash a lot. What Ken loved most about it is “to get physical feedback right during the run”. Even more honored we felt about his comment “Bragi is taking it to the next level”.

This story inspires us and we hope that it inspires our followers to think outside their box and enjoy life to the fullest and not let themselves be stopped by any boundaries in life.

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