Free your mind with Yoga Free your mind with Yoga

Free your mind with Yoga


Yoga is an ancient art that became very popular over the last few years. Here at Bragi, we have a Yoga lesson every Wednesday in the office with our Yoga instructor Michelle.

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Michelle grew up in a Yogic environment as her mother is a Yoga teacher, too. Though she really discovered Yoga for herself when she was about 20 years old.

We were surprised to hear how many kinds of Yoga exist. There is “Hatha Yoga” focusing on breathing and physical exercises as well as mediation, “Birkram Yoga” where the exercises are done in a 40-degree heated room or “Vinyasa Yoga” which is mainly about continuous movements along with many more.



Michelle tells us that “Patanjali” is the father of Yoga. In his “Yoga Sutras” Pantanjali displays Yoga as an eight-fold path, called “Ashtanga”. On this path, you aim to reach “Samadhi” – a state of meditative consciousness.


Yoga means union, union within oneself – between your body, mind and soul.”

According to Michelle, Yoga gives the perfect opportunity to counter stressful working days. Sitting at your desk all day long is not healthy for your body.

Compared to other physical exercises Yoga mobilizes all muscles. It also allows you to shoot off the “monkey mind” and can give you peace of mind. “Yoga means union – union between your body, mind and soul. It is the union between individual consciousness with the universal consciousness”, Michelle says. She continues “something I like most about Yoga is that it can give everyone something else. It is whatever you want it to be: pure relaxation, meditation, a spiritual journey or just a workout”.

Michelle explains that the same applies to music during Yoga practice – different for everyone. Some like no music at all, some prefer slow music and others beats that really push you. We think The Dash are perfect headphones for Yoga. Especially during all the moves wireless headphones are essential. You can enjoy complete freedom and don’t get caught in between any annoying wires.

Michelle also showed us another way in which The Dash can be very useful during Yoga: downloading an audio file onto your The Dash and listening to the instructions of a Yoga teacher while doing your exercises.


Yoga workout for everyone

This is what Michelle and we would like to offer you at this point: She thought about Yoga exercises everyone can do before or after work. You can find videos of Michelle demonstrating the moves further down. There is also an audio file with her instructions. You can download it for free onto your The Dash and get started with Yoga!

We hope, Michelle’s little Yoga session helps you to calm down a bit after work or power up in the mornings.

If we spiked your interest in Yoga, please feel free to check out Michelle’s website and attend one of her lessons.

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