Fitness Tracking with The Dash Fitness Tracking with The Dash

Fitness Tracking with The Dash

Whether you are a casual runner, a gym rat, or a full on semi-professional athlete, you can benefit from tracking your workouts. You may use that information to improve almost every aspect of your preferred method of training. However, with all of the tracking modalities available, it is wise to consider what parameters you should you be tracking. Further, it is also quite useful to consider the role that tracking using The Dash performs to help push yourself harder.


First, let’s take a look at the main motivators for using the fitness tracking features of The Dash. One primary advantage is the enhancement of personal accountability. While some fitness apps may encourage you to share your results on social media, The Dash focuses on you and your personal fitness measurements. Fitness tracking is all about keeping an eye on your goals and the progress you’ve made so far. By simply being made aware of your vital parameters during your workouts, studies have shown that activity levels are increased by up to 30%. Why, you may ask? The answer is clear: Awareness of your vital signs makes you want to push yourself just a little harder, to see if you can go just that extra mile.

The second reason for using The Dash is to help you reach your personal goals. If you’re trying to run 5 kilometers, a marathon, relive the Tour De France on your road bike, or simply just trying to shed a few extra pounds for the summer season, a tracker will help you visualize and measure your progress towards that goal. It’s a massive motivator due to the simple fact that you stay informed of your progress in a verifiable fashion. There is no more guesswork involved! You will be able to determine if have you actually done better than your last session. Tracking and monitoring takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Tracking with The Dash provides you with one thing that perhaps is more important that all others: consistency. It is easy to loose track of the big picture of the main goal for your workout regimen: progress towards your personal goals. Not only does tracking with The Dash help you realize this with clarity, but also raises the point: “If I’m already 90% there, why not see if I can take it another 10%?”


Currently, The Dash tracks your steps, your heart rate and the duration of your workout. Of course, we plan to add many more features to help you grow with The Dash. Soon, you will be able to see an overview of your activities. This will be presented in a sophisticated, graphical form in the Bragi app. You can look forward to other new tracking parameters to be added to further increase your own personal fitness database. We want to move you from numbers toward a paradigm of truly personalized tracking. We believe The Dash will help you to perform your workout smarter and better, helping you to reach new and enhanced fitness goals.

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