The Dash – Fighting migraines The Dash – Fighting migraines

The Dash – Fighting migraines

Everybody knows the feeling of a very stressful day at work and then suddenly a strong headache hits you. For some people this comes more often and gets even worse – they are suffering from a migraine.

A migraine is not like “usual” headaches but rather feels like a thunderstorm in your head. It also comes with other side effects like nausea, neck pain, disturbed vision and a sensitivity to light and noise.

One of our customers, Beate, suffers from migraines. She told us what helps best is medicine and lying down in a dark and quiet room.

Endurance sports counteract migraine


Additionally, she found out that endurance sports can counteract migraine attacks. As she started swimming at a very young age she is trying to reduce her migraine attacks by swimming regularly. Beate goes swimming once a week for one hour. To make it more enjoyable she was searching for headphones or a fitness tracker she could use during her swims.

This is where fate stepped in! Beate is working for a company located in the same building as our headquarters in Munich. When Bragi moved in this building and Beate heard about us she was really interested in our product – The Dash. It combines both requirements she was looking for: music and fitness tracking during swimming.

She decided to test The Dash and immediately bought a pair. We were extremely happy to hear that she is “amazed by The Dash”. For a year and a half, she has been using the internal player while swimming so she does not have to take her phone with her. Taking the train to work every day she uses Bluetooth for streaming music.

“I can’t imagine swimming without my The Dash now!”


Beate is also fascinated on how The Dash improves with each software update. “What I love most about my The Dash is that it actually counts the laps you swim” she tells us. “Each time I change the swimming style after a certain number of laps, for example the first laps freestyle and the rest breaststroke or front crawl” she continues. This is where Beate’s The Dash helps her a lot as it informs her what lap she is currently on. “I can’t imagine swimming without my The Dash now!” Beate happily says.

This is a story that makes us at Bragi proud. We are really happy that we can help Beate enjoy her swimming more and in turn helping her fighting against migraines.

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