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You never know what mood you will be in by the end of a long work day. Fulfilled? Tired? Pissed or in peace? Who knows… Well, the people working at Bragi know. We are guaranteed to end each day with a smile on our faces, provided by your fantastic stories. Check out the role The Dash plays in Billy and his best friend Bobby’s life .


Billy has worked for a telephone company for 38 years but a back injury along with chronic pains forced him to retire. He has only one way of battling the debilitating pain in his back and legs – constant stretching and long, slow walks. That’s where his best friend Bobby, a beautiful Rottweiler, comes in as he keeps him company every single day. This is also where Bragi comes in and, as Billy tells it, “changed the way he deals with his everyday pains.”


It all started on Facebook, when Billy saw The Dash and thought it might be a good tool to help him pass the time on his long walks. Unfortunately, not all stories that have a happy end start that smoothly. Billy received The Dash but found it troublesome as his computer was too old to download the software he needed to update it. “It was a really old computer,” he told us the other day when we last spoke. So he sent them back.


However, a few weeks later he saw Bragi The Headphone and reached out to us for help. Given his enthusiasm for wireless headphones and after having bought a new computer, he even ended up ordering The Dash as well. This is where his Bragi adventure took off and our products started changing his life.

“The Dash really helps me walk and enjoy life with as little pain as possible.”


The Dash is always out with him on walks. He loves that there are no wires that get tangled up. He further claims that Bragi devices have changed the way he exercises.


While The Dash is always in his pocket and ready for walks, he keeps The Headphone at home. Billy emphasizes he “loves the battery life and the ease of use,” and that he keeps The Headphone always by the television, since he uses them to watch his favorite show, Game of Thrones, late at night. We can hear the smile on his face when he simply states “you know – as not to wake up my beautiful wife with all the sound effects.”


Being such a fan, and a proud owner of The Dash and The Headphone, there is no way Billy would have missed The Dash Pro! Since he got it in the mail he has not stopped using it.

“At first I was shocked by how fast The Dash Pro charged up!“


Ever since his walks have become even more enjoyable as he loves the latest Bragi OS feature, the Virtual 4D Menu, that enables him to control The Dash Pro 100% hands-free. “This will come in handy in winter, since I have to carry a walking stick in one hand to keep my balance in the snow while holding Bobby on the other hand”. Billy also tells us that he often meets neighbors on his walks. And he always hated that he had to take his headphones out. Not any more, as The Dash Pro lets in ambient sounds when he needs them, allowing him to talk to his friends even with his hands full.


Billy also emphasizes that Bragi products have revolutionized how he uses his phone and made it so much better. That’s why we asked him a tough question: What is his favorite Bragi product?

“I really like The Headphone, because I know I can charge them and put them away knowing that they will be good to go when I want to use them,” Billy says and admits that The Dash is much closer to his heart as it was his first device.

“Your The Dash Pro blows everything out of the water – I never thought I will own a wearable or even more so a hearable that gets better with each update. Your products energize me so much.”


As we’re about to finish our talk with Billy, he mentions that he has just gotten started on dinner, accompanied by Bobby at his feet. “My wife is still out so I use my Dash Pro to listen to music and just work away”. However, he knows that after 30 years of marriage she will call him on her way home from work and he looks forward to not having to stop cooking or wash his hands in order to answer the phone. “All I need to do is move my head and The Dash will pick up her call, I switch from listening to music too talking to my beautiful wife.” On a final note he mentions that “these wearables have changed my life and everything is so much fun now!”

Customers like Billy assure that we finish our days with a smile on our faces and never lose touch with reality.

Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you, Billy – for your friendship, ongoing support and for the occasional feeling that were on holiday with you, may it be in Mexico by the pool, on the plane watching movies or simply out on the fields with Bobby!


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