Bragi OS 2.0 Released Bragi OS 2.0 Released

Bragi OS 2.0 Released

BRAGI OS 2.0 – out now

Bragi OS 2.0 improves the foundations of The Dash and brings new, exciting features. You’re not just getting a upgrade – you’re getting a new experience with The Dash. 


The audio team have managed to almost double the volume output of The Dash. 3 new volume levels above maximum safe volume has been added. Not only is it louder, but our audio team has tweaked the equalization and algorithms so your Dash sounds better than ever before. 

As per European standards, the maximum recommended sound level for in-ear headphones is 85 dbA. Based on numerous customer requests, the Bragi OS 2.0 software will now allow you to go beyond this recommended limit based on your decision in each single case. The Dash will warn you when the recommended safety level is reached. Please note that Bragi does not recommend to go beyond the recommended level, as this may lead to temporary or permanent impairment or loss of hearing.


Some smart guys have developed an algorithm to substantially improve the quality of voice during telephony. The Dash features an intelligent machine learning algorithm which dynamically mixes the EarBone microphone and External Microphone signals depending on the environment you are in. That way, no matter where you are, you’ll be heard clearly during telephony. The Dash takes about 5 seconds to learn and adopt to the environment you are in. We will improve this even further in the future.


Our development team has implemented a smart calibration feature in the Dash and the Bragi App. Every single ear is different, which means that The Dash is placed differently in every ear. We have added smart calibration tools that enables The Dash to understand how it is aligned and placed in the ear. This enables The Dash to provide more accurate data and feedback than ever before. It also enabled us to add metrics for swimming, running and biking. We think that’s pretty smart!

Secure Pairing & Bonding for Bluetooth 

With most other Bluetooth Low Energy headphones anyone can access the biometric data transmitted. They just need to be in proximity.

Read here why secure bluetooth pairing is important on wearables. Hackers can use Bluetooth Low Energy sensor data from a smart watch to map your pin numbers.

Our Bluetooth wizards have implemented a secure pairing process, which places a Privacy Shield over the data broadcasted by the sensors, ensuring it is only read and received by your intended app or device. It does mean that you have to erase and re-pair your Dash in the bluetooth settings and inside the app.

New app too!

The smart extension of The Dash has now become smarter. 

The app can now store past workouts securely through the privacy shield.

The Bragi App provides audio feedback of the activity every 5 minutes (even without bringing the phone) and enables a live data view on its interface (when you have your phone with you). By requesting the activity status, the user can now read on the screen the duration, heart rate and calories burned, among others. 

App version 2.0 is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

Windows app update is ready by tomorrow.

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