Bragi at Munich Mash Bragi at Munich Mash

Bragi at Munich Mash

Last weekend Bragi attended a big event in Munich called Munich Mash.

Munich Mash includes contests for three action sports – street league skateboarding, wakeboard rail & air as well as BMX spine ramp. It also has an area where people can relax, enjoy live music, get delicious food from various food trucks and explore stands presenting their products.


Amazing atmosphere throughout the entire weekend!


This year there were roughly 100 stands presenting their various products, everything from clothes to technology as well as lifestyle products and sports equipment were on show.

The live acts on stage did a great job entertaining the crowd and the food trucks provided the visitors with delicious food from many different cultures. Bragi also got a chance to watch parts of the three contests on show, seeing the athletes doing their stunts was an impressive experience.

“A perfect companion for sports”


For us at Bragi the best thing about Munich Mash was the opportunity to meet so many people interested in our products. It was an amazing opportunity to help them discover what we have to offer and how it might benefit them.

People biking or running at Olympiapark stopped at our stand to take a closer look. They were impressed by The Dash Pro and many mentioned that it would be “a perfect companion for sports”.

See you at the next event!

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