Bragi Launches OS 2.2 for The Dash Bragi Launches OS 2.2 for The Dash

Bragi Launches OS 2.2 for The Dash

Munich, Germany (November 21, 2016) – Bragi (, the Kickstarter-launched company behind “The World’s First Hearable” has today announced a new software update for The Dash.

Bragi OS 2.2 is the third major product update for The Dash since July 2016. The features and improvements within Bragi OS 2.2 bring user interaction to an entirely different and unique level of personalization.

MyTap BETA and MyControls mark the introduction of Bragi’s Kinetic User Interface (Bragi KUI for short). Bragi KUI is a technology that turns your body and movements into the interface for operating Bragi products. It is the only technology of its kind in the Hearables space and will continue to evolve in future product updates.

New features in Bragi OS 2.2 include:

MyTap BETA – The first step in Bragi KUI allows Dash users to touch their cheek (a double tap on the cheek bone) as a means of accessing their phone’s personal assistant.

WindShield – The next step in Audio Transparency. Hear your surroundings without having to deal with heavy winds.

MyControls – Seven new control gestures and routines have been added to The Dash making the user interface even more natural. Shake your head to skip a song or playlist on The Dash using its internal music player. Get the time with a double-tap on the left Dash, or automatically on the hour. There is also automatic Audio Transparency activation via Play and Pause.

Versant 1.1 – Thanks to our friends at Knowles (, voice quality on The Dash has been significantly improved due to Versant 1.1 technology.

Heartrate Monitor Improvements – With winter right around the corner, The Dash now offers more effective heartrate tracking for outdoor workouts in cold weather.

Apple Watch Connectivity – Already compatible with the iPhone and Apple Health, The Dash now pairs with the Apple Watch.

Bragi OS 2.2 can be downloaded through the new Bragi Updater 1.1, which can be found at Users must download the new Updater to install the Bragi OS 2.2 software update.

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