Bragi and IBM collaborating Bragi and IBM collaborating

Bragi and IBM collaborating

Berlin, Germany – September 3, 2016

Bragi and IBM have joined forces to develop innovative business solutions for the work place using the latest hearable and cognitive technologies. By combining Bragi’s smart earphones ‘The Dash’ with IBM’s Watson IoT platform, the companies hope to transform the way people interact, communicate and collaborate in the workplace.

Tapping the language translation and speech-to-text capabilities of IBM’s Watson IoT platform, Bragi plans to apply its hearable technologies to transform the way people interact, communicate and collaborate in the workplace. The vision is for users to be able to receive instructions, interact with co-workers and enable management teams to keep track of the location, operating environment, wellbeing and safety of workers. The two companies are even looking into how head gestures could enable users to respond to instructions or send commands for simple tasks such as turning the page in an instruction manual during hands-on or dangerous tasks.

“Hearables will transform the way we work and have a tremendous impact on the business processes of the future,” said Nikolaj Hviid, CEO and founder of Bragi. “Packed with sensors, The Dash is uniquely equipped to realize the potential of truly contextual audible computing. We are very excited to tap IBM’s industry leading cognitive computing capabilities through the Watson IoT platform as well as benefit from IBM’s enormous experience in global innovation that touches people’s lives.”

“With Watson’s language translation capabilities and the increasing pervasiveness of smart devices, conversational interfaces will start to challenge the visual user interfaces of today,”said Harriet Green, Global Head of IBM Watson Internet of Things. “Users will increasingly talk to their devices and interact with their homes and workplaces in more natural, interactive and convenient ways. With Bragi we arel ooking at how this development can go even further with a powerful audio and sensory interface that fits inside the ear opening up a myriad of new opportunities for transforming the workplace.”

IBM and Bragi identified six initial focus areas in the enterprise where the combination of Bragi’s contextual engine and IBM’s Watson IoT platform creates most value for business customers: worker safety, guided instructions, smart employee notifications, team communications, workforce analysis and optimization, and biometric ID.

“This is where we see the most potential in the short and medium term. There are many other opportunities that we will explore in the future with growing technological capabilities of our audible computing devices” adds Darko Dragicevic, EVP Partners and Solutions at Bragi.

By 2020, according to Analysys Mason there will be nearly 350 million active smart wearable devices, which will generate significant data1. Enterprise use of wearables will contribute to this growth. Wearables will contribute among others to worker productivity and overall operations by delivering targeted communications to help workers complete immediate tasks and improve worker productivity with hands-free capabilities. At the same time, smart wearables are also capable of sensing worker health and safety, and will provide real-time data on employee status for example in dangerous environments where worker protection and safety are critical and data can be monitored and analyzed for trends and further actions.

About Bragi

Bragi was founded in2013and went live a year later on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

With 15,998 backers who contributed over $3.3 million (USD), Bragi has evolved from a promising startup to a market moving creator of innovative technology, opening the new category of Hearables.This includes more than 150 unique patents in the space. Through relentless innovation and discovery, Bragi wants to transform the world of smart headphones offering freedom of movement, maximum comfort and amazing sound–all while audibly coaching, tracking movement and capturing key biometric data.

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About IBM Watson IoT

IBM is an established leader in the Internet of Things with more than 4,000 client engagements in 170 countries, a growing ecosystem of over 1,400 partners and more 750 IoT patents which together help to draw actionable insight from billions of connected devices, sensors and systems around the world. Building on the company’s $3 billion USD commitment to bring Watson cognitive computingto IoT, in December 2015 IBM announced a new global headquarters for IBM’s new Watson IoT unit in Munich Germany, bringing together 1,000 IBM developers, consultants, researchers and designers to drive deeper engagement with clients and partners.

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1 “Case Study: The Wearables Side of Enterprise IoT: Assessing the Opportunity for CSPs.” Analysys Mason, May 2015.

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